Bobo Cha Cha
[Seasonal] - Please Ask if we have it. Inside the dessert soup are cubed purple yam, sweet potato, beans, and colorful tapioca flour ball with coconut milk. Served hot.
134. Jasmine White Rice 白 飯
135. Chicken Flavored Rice 油 飯
136. Coconut Flavored Rice 椰香飯
137. Peanut Pancake 花生餅
138. Fried Banana 炸香蕉
139. Mango Sticky Rice
Enjoy our warm Thai Sticky rice with sliced mango on the side, drizzle with coconut milk and topped with sesame seed
140. Pulut Hitam
Enjoy our warm/hot, creamy, black sticky rice with coconut milk dessert soup.
141. Fried Ice Cream
Enjoy our frozen vanilla ice cream surrounded by a warm crunchy thick fried layer.
142. Fried Cheese Cake

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